Drawings are a quicker and more affordable to get a portrait of yourself or a loved one.

If you live local to Ottawa, then you’ll come to my studio for your portrait sitting. If you’re a long distance client, we can discuss photo references.

Drawings can either be on toned paper using black and white pencils, or white paper using graphite.


The following prices are for portraits drawn from life, in a single sitting, at my studio in Old Ottawa South. Prices are to give you a general idea of range. For more complex and detailed drawings from photographic references, multiple figures, or nudes, please contact for a quote.

8” x 10”, single figure, head & shoulders only, $350 CAD (+ tax for Canadians)
12” x 16”, single figure, half length, $500 CAD (+ tax for Canadians)
16” x 20”, single figure, half length, $800 CAD (+ tax for Canadians)

Portraits for Christmas

Give someone the gift of a portrait of yourself, or give them a gift certificate to get a portrait of themselves or a loved one. The 8” x 10” portrait package for $350 is a wonderful way to give someone a meaningful gift that can become a family heirloom.

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